Mutation from Human

It starts slowly, as many major life changes often do. The itch hits as the sun rises. You’re unaware, but something amazing and horrifying has happened to you. Two small holes in your forearm surrounded by dozens of small bumps have you scratching your arm until you draw blood all day.


Writing Prompt: You Don’t Know

It's that time again, a new writing prompt! I sincerely enjoy doing these, and I hope to make it a daily exercise. Getting to sit down for a half hour even and put my brain to work creating a small view into a world is a thrilling activity. I amaze myself with the things that … Continue reading Writing Prompt: You Don’t Know


Working with a program to not only edit, but also outline and organize a story is still very new to me. I've started working with yWriter recently, but I still don't know much about it yet. To be honest, I've never used any other word processor than Microsoft Word. Not sure how odd that is … Continue reading Editing

This Week… May 21st-27th

This week began for me with a bang, in the worst sense. We had a long week of visiting the hospital and plenty of worrying. During the time spent at home I've been working toward a slow but steady progress on Killer Instinct's editing. The way it was written was on the sloppy side, since I … Continue reading This Week… May 21st-27th

Writing Prompt: Murderer, My Love

Blood dripped from the edge of the coffee table, soaking into the soft cushion of the sofa. The remains of his body lay heaped in a deformed pile at our feet, but he didn’t mind at all. Only I stood frozen by the stark depth of the red blood surrounding us. Sticky fingers under my chin startle as he slowly turns my gaze to meet his own.

Writing Prompt: Thrifty Finds

Brought to you this week by Pinterest. Please enjoy, and let me know what you think!   Flipping through rack after rack grew tiring, still unable to find the right shirt for the job interview. She flipped her stringy drown hair over her shoulder with a huff. Only an hour, she recalled telling herself before … Continue reading Writing Prompt: Thrifty Finds