Working with a program to not only edit, but also outline and organize a story is still very new to me. I've started working with yWriter recently, but I still don't know much about it yet. To be honest, I've never used any other word processor than Microsoft Word. Not sure how odd that is … Continue reading Editing


This Week… May 21st-27th

This week began for me with a bang, in the worst sense. We had a long week of visiting the hospital and plenty of worrying. During the time spent at home I've been working toward a slow but steady progress on Killer Instinct's editing. The way it was written was on the sloppy side, since I … Continue reading This Week… May 21st-27th

Writing Prompt: Murderer, My Love

Blood dripped from the edge of the coffee table, soaking into the soft cushion of the sofa. The remains of his body lay heaped in a deformed pile at our feet, but he didn’t mind at all. Only I stood frozen by the stark depth of the red blood surrounding us. Sticky fingers under my chin startle as he slowly turns my gaze to meet his own.