Mutation from Human

It starts slowly, as many major life changes often do. The itch hits as the sun rises. You’re unaware, but something amazing and horrifying has happened to you. Two small holes in your forearm surrounded by dozens of small bumps have you scratching your arm until you draw blood all day.


Short Story: Stranger Than

They walked down the sparsely populated street, painted green for the oncoming St Patrick's celebration that weekend. His dark angular features were kind and she was happy to be his date for the day. Walking hand in hand they entered the last pub on the street, the most empty and by far not the cleanest. … Continue reading Short Story: Stranger Than

Winter Dreams, A Short Story

This short story was written in 2008 as an assignment for a Creative Writing course while I was still in high school. This was my first piece that I explored writing a shapeshifter/werewolf story. My current project was initially born from this story, which was lost for a few years until I found it again … Continue reading Winter Dreams, A Short Story