Zoe’s life wasn’t exciting, but she and her best friend Kayla made the best of things. They were always together, be it school, work or their free time spent on online games.

Zoe was happy.

Until Kayla’s brother Dylan pushed himself in. Suddenly things weren’t as simple, and her relationship with the person she is closest to wasn’t going so well.

Dylan pushed himself in, and Kayla out.

Things grow shaky fast between them before Zoe’s had enough. She leaves town, switching schools to be closer to the second most important person in her life, the guy she spent most of high school crushing on. Miles.

Dylan’s not happy about this sudden development though. When he finds out that Miles and Zoe are engaged, he blows his lid.

No one can have her if he can’t, and he will stop at nothing to have her all to himself.

Obsession takes hold and refuses to ever let you go.


This work has been shelved for the time being while I work out the kinks in the plot.