image1A family in the woods on a camping trip are attacked in the night by an animal. The mother dies, the brother is severally injured and the father and daughter make way with minor injuries, including a bite on the girl. They survive in the woods caring for the brother, who is too hurt to be moved. Having hiked to their camping plot, the remaining family members are stranded miles from phone service or a car. The girl ventures the woods daily looking for the road or other people, and find them one day when she is greeted by the barrel of a park ranger’s rifle. After rescue, the boy recovers in the hospital while the father and daughter return home.

As they reacquaint themselves with normal life, the girl finds that things aren’t going back to the normal she hoped for. She begins to show signs of infection that she doesn’t understand. The morning after the full moon finds the girl waking in the woods behind the park near her home.

She is now faced with the task of understanding her new condition, overcoming the challenges brought on by it and dealing with the possibility that she was destined to be this way all along.