image3A young woman learns a startling truth about her family the hard way. She is pulled into a supernatural world controlled by her grandfather, the leader of their family. They have been able to keep their secret from everyone, until she finds out.

Tara Murphy is the only one in her family who isn’t a shifter, one born with the ability to shape shift into a wolf. Things go from startling to frightening when hunters show up to Sunday dinner, pledging to decimate their pack.

What can one girl do when she’s the only one who can save her family from cold-hearted hunters?

These werewolves hold a special place in my heart, having many of the characters based on prominent people throughout in my life. The two grandparents in the story are two of the most valuable to me, having modeled them on my own grandparents. Their strong value of family inspired this great world.

This great world grew so quickly that I found it hard to keep things straight. I have decided to make this project perfect over time, not wishing for it to be the guinea pig I prefect novel writing on.

The Wolves of Wicklow Woods will be known world wide, and their pack will live on.